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Plumbing industry

The introduction of plastic pipes and other plastic-based plumbing items have made a plumber’s job a whole lot easier. Plastic pipes make installations easier and help avoid problems such as corrosion, which is a common problem with metal pipes. Plastic pipes offer easier fixing, fewer blockages, and longer durability. PlastiWorld offers plumbing manufacturers to showcase their range of plastic pipes, showers, taps and other household plumbing items on a global scale.

Recent Blogs

3 Reasons Why Plastics Are Crucial in Pipe Systems

Plastics are one of the most versatile materials available today. Plastic pipes are fully-equipped to fulfill a wide range of service requirements. Many of these requirements are set by authorities such as the European Product Standards. Some of these requirements...

Plastic Pipes – A Boon to the Plumbing Industry

Until 1930, metal, concrete and ceramic were the only materials used for pipes in the plumbing industry. These materials, although durable, proved to be extremely tedious to install, manage, and transport. They were essentially a logistical nightmare! This led to an...

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