7 Reasons Why PVC Pipes are Preferred Over Others

PVC Pipes

From PVC to polypropylene (PE) and everything in between, there are multiple plastic options available when it comes to choosing plumbing pipes for your home. However, PVC pipes offer numerous advantages over other plastics. Since they are made from plastic and vinyl, they possess numerous benefits that make them perfect for various applications, such as water transportation.

Let’s look at seven reasons why PVC pipes are preferred over others:

1) Corrosion Resistant
Corrosion is caused when pipes are exposed to moisture or electrochemical reaction. PVC pipes are non-conductors of electricity, making it impossible for an electrochemical reaction to occur. Opting for PVC pipes will ensure that you don’t have to spend on a protective coating to prevent corrosion.

2) Safe
When it comes to transportation of drinking water, PVC pipes have a high degree of inertness and resistance to corrosion. They are, therefore, free from contamination that can be caused by bacteria. This makes them extremely beneficial to public health as they can help provide clean water.

3) Weather Resistant
PVC pipes are made with special additives that provide UV protection. Furthermore, it is also more durable than other plastic pipe alternatives and can withstand harsh weather conditions without being damaged.

4) Heat Resistant
PVC pipes do not catch fire very easily. They can easily withstand a temperature of up to 140 degrees fahrenheit.

5) Chemical Resistant
With multiple types of chemicals that pipes can be exposed to, it is vital that they possess chemical resistance properties. For example, in agriculture applications, a pipe can be exposed to fertilizers and soil. The great thing about PVC pipes is that they aren’t affected by chemicals.

6) Durable & Cost-effective
PVC pipes have a life expectancy of over 100 years and have always shown a low failure rate than other materials. Due to its durable and flexible nature, you don’t need to spend extra money on maintenance or installation, thus making them a cost-effective choice.

7) Environment-friendly
PVC pipes are low carbon plastics. This means that less energy and fewer resources are required to manufacture them. What’s more, the ultra-smooth surface of PVC pipes reduces pumping costs and energy use, and their leak-free fittings eliminate water loss.

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