Tackle the Trash of Plastic Bottles – Top 5 Ways - PlastiWorld 2019

In the United States, 50 million plastic bottles are thrown away every other day! From kitchenware to large-scale construction, and from vehicles to the wallet, plastic is omnipresent and unavoidable. However, this also means that there is an immense quantity of plastic waste being generated. For cold-drinks and mineral water, plastic bottles contribute a significant amount of trash. Every year, around 13 million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean!

But, are there any practical alternatives to reusing or recycling the plastic waste? The shocking answer is yes! There are so many quick and simple ways that you can implement in your lives, and you need not be an expert recycler for the same! A bit of willingness and a pinch of creativity is all it takes to launch your very own DIY project! Here is how you can start:

  • Supply cups

School premises or office buildings are one of the significant contributors of waste plastic bottles. After sipping the last drip, don’t throw the bottle away. Take it to your home. Make a DIY stationary container out of it. Nicely cut the bottle from its top and use the  bottom part as a lid to close the cup. You or your kids can keep supply materials like pens, pencils, crayons, and erasers in it.

  • Planter

Why use resin or stone planters when you have so much plastic lying here and there? Spark your creativity and be prepared for some crafting fun! If you have 75 oz. or 35 oz. plastic bottles; cut their bottom third. Paint the bottle with a color you love! Now, use the parts of the rest of the container to cut out its ears. With a permanent marker, draw funny expressions or emoticons on the  bottle. Now, fill the bottle aka your plastic planter with seed and soil.

  • Garden scooper

After consuming a bottle of milk, you are likely to throw the can in the garbage. Well, hold on! Let’s make something interesting out of it! It’s effortless to create a garden scooper by cutting a portion of your milk can. Cut the lower bottom (flat) portion of the can into a shape of a scooper. Take a wooden piece and paste it with a good quality glue to cut the part of the can. Your home-made scooper is ready to use! Happy gardening folks!

  • Piggy Bank

Reusing plastic bottles in unique ways to help your children save their allowance! They can put their savings in a piggy bank made from a used plastic bottle. You don’t have to cut-paste much in this task. Just take a large plastic bottle (85-100 oz.). Stick four lids of other plastic containers to create legs of a piggy! Now draw the eyes and face of a piggy on the large bottle you have selected. If you are interested, cut the container from the upper portion and stick the cloth pieces in it as the ears of the piggy to get a realistic look!  Since the bottle is transparent, every day you can see the cash being deposited!

  • Spices Containers

Excellent mini storage containers can be made from old plastic bottles. Fill your kitchen racks with tiny, beautiful vessels to keep herbs and spices you need every time you cook. Isn’t it a cost-effective and handy alternative to store them? If you love painting, draw little designs like flowers, fruits or butterflies on them to make them look appealing.

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