Top 5 Sectors with the Maximum Plastic Usage

Plastic Usage

Plastics are highly versatile materials with applications in almost all industries. Their unique features give them an edge over other materials and many industries are embracing plastics as a viable solution for their operations. And over the past few decades, plastics have increasingly been employed in various sectors.

Let’s look over some of the biggest sectors that use plastics because of the many advantages that the material offers.

1. Packaging

The packaging industry is one of the biggest users of plastics. One of the most common plastics used in the industry is polyethylene. Polyethylene is mainly used to produce packaging and containers for packaged foods, juices, water, and other similar products.

Plastics are highly popular in this industry due to their lightweight nature, absence of transmission of colours, odours, and tastes, and the ability to extend shelf life of food.

2. Construction

Plastic is widely used in construction due to their excellent strength to weight ratio, durability, low need for maintenance, corrosion resistance, and other properties. PVC is the most commonly used plastic in construction. In fact, plastic is also replacing the old iron pipe used in construction with HDPE pipes.

3. Automobile Manufacturing

As mentioned earlier, plastics are durable and lighter than their alternatives, and hence a great choice of material for vehicles. Use of plastics in vehicles leads to lightweight vehicles that require lesser fuel. As a result, plastics are used in all modes of transportation including planes, trains, and cars. The most common plastics used in transportation are polypropylene and ABS.

4. Medicine

Plastic has been a boon for the medical industry in more ways than one. There have been numerous innovations that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for plastics. Plastics have not only made healthcare safer but also less expensive.

5. Electronics

The electronics sector is undoubtedly among the biggest to use plastics. Plastics provide excellent insulating capacity that aids the communication capabilities of devices. Various parts like cables, computers, mobile phones, and other devices are made with plastics like PVC.

While plastics are used by almost every industry today, the sectors listed in this article are among the topmost contributors of plastic usage around the world. If you manufacture plastic finished products, then Plastiworld 2019 is a great avenue for you to grow your business and showcase your product range. So, register today and don’t miss out on this chance!

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