What Makes Polycarbonate the Preferred Choice in LED Lighting

LED Lighting

With the demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions on the rise, LED lighting products have become the focus of the next generation of fixtures. They are frequently used for the lighting needs in architecture, and industrial, commercial, and residential complexes. Traditionally, glass and transparent plastics like PMMA have been used in the industry. However, as the industry has evolved, other plastics, especially polycarbonate, has received a lot of interest.

Owing to its durability and versatility, polycarbonate is now widely used in different areas of LED lighting like lenses, channel letters, reflectors, optics, light diffusers, globes, sign facings, and covers. In fact, the material is one of the fastest growing engineering plastics with a global demand exceeding 1.5 million tons!

So, what makes the material so special? Let’s see.

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate (PC) plastics are a part of the polyester family of plastics. They are usually formed as a result of the reaction between bisphenol A and carbonyl chloride in an interfacial process. They are naturally transparent but can be made in a variety of colors for commercial use. PC has a varied range of applications and is an excellent choice when the product requirement calls for impact resistance and transparency.

What Makes it a Preferred Choice?

As mentioned earlier, polycarbonate is replacing materials like glass and PMMA in LED lighting applications. This can be attributed to the improved durability and impact resistance that the material offers. What’s more, it outperforms PMMA in terms of flame retardancy and thermal resistance.

When it comes to residential lighting, one of the most important factors is the softness of the light source. With LED lights that use polycarbonate, manufacturers can find the ideal balance between diffusion and transmission to replicate the warm glow of incandescent bulbs while eliminating the harsh glare. In case of lights that use PMMAs, this cannot be achieved without secondary lenses or components that ultimately add weight and increase the cost of production.

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