How Plastic Has Transformed the Traditional Kitchen - PlastiWorld 2019

We have all witnessed the wooden or steel apparatus in our kitchens used by our moms and even grandmoms. Plastic has undoubtedly been an asset to mankind. It was a few decades back when plastic appliances or plastic tools were something we couldn’t even imagine would be a part of our kitchens. These days, most of our kitchen gadgets and tools are made of plastic, and the rest, as they say, is history!. Here are a few plastic appliances that have become indispensable for our kitchens today:

1)      Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic cutting boards offer non-porous surfaces for meal preparation. This makes them less likely to conceal bacteria, aiding in maintaining the hygiene of the food we eat. What’s more, plastic cutting boards are easier to clean and faster to dry. They also take less space and are convenient to handle.

2)      Plastic Containers

Plastic containers of various sizes and shapes can help in providing safe and convenient storage for snacks or leftovers. Plastic containers are also a great choice for maintaining portion control and carrying lunch or snacks on the go.

3)      Plastic Wrap and Sealable Bags

Freshness, nutrients, and flavours can be sealed with plastic bags and wraps. Plastic wrap, when used in the microwave, can help in heating the food uniformly and prevent any spillage. The leak-proof nature of these bags make them perfect for storing liquids.

4)      Plastic Cooking Utensils

Plastic spatulas, spoons, and other cooking utensils are heat-resistant. They also help in keeping non-stick pans and pots last longer by preventing scratches.

5)      Plastic Mixing Bowls

Lightweight, non-skidding plastic bowls are wonderful for making elaborate meals or serving microwave snacks. These bowls are designed for use in freezers, microwaves, and dishwashers. They come in various stackable sizes that help in saving space in smaller kitchens. Many of them come along with lids that are easy for storing liquids or leftovers.

6)      Plastic Knife Sleeves and Drawer Organizers

They can be easily cleaned and are durable as well. Also, they are ideal for organizing cooking utensils in the kitchen. Organizers also prevent accidental cuts while muddling around among sharp objects. Plastic knife sleeves provide added protection to our hands and also keep them sharp for a longer time.

Plastic products have definitely changed the look and feel of our kitchens. They have not only made the work quicker but have also added more color and vibrancy to our kitchens.

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